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DJ + Violinist
The combination of a violin with DJ set, is much less popular than the formula with saxophone (see the corresponding formula) but is just as mesmerizing.
The sophistication of the violin blends perfectly with luxury events in the classical style, but also cocktails, private festive events (Bar-Mitzvah type) where it is possible to propose large repertoires, ranging from classical music to Celtic music, to traditional music of the eastern countries (gypsies, romanian, bulgarian ...) to "country music" or current hits re-visited.
We offer tailor-made shows designed for brand events (inauguration, product launches ...) but also for festivals and nightclubs thanks to various possibilities with effects and costumes (laser show, LED costumes, baroque atmosphere ... )
We propose several musicians with charismatic personality and different configurations (Male / Female / Duet)

Are you looking for other configurations ?
Combining the infinite music repertoire of the DJ to the charm of an instrument, we can offer several DJ + Musician formulas in line with your event:
Saxophonist, Violinist, Percussionist, Guitarist or Harmonist, Harpist, Flutist or a la carte with an instrument that you particularly like.
All is possible depending on the type of atmosphere, the type of event, and also the sound volume you desire.

Our DJ + violinist formulas extend internationally, and particularly in the following sectors:
in France> Annecy, Cannes, Courchevel, Megeve, Lyon, St-Tropez
in Switzerland> Gstaad, Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, St-Moritz
abroad> Bucharest, Maldives, Marrakech, Monaco, Mykonos, Seychelles, St Barth.

Feel free to contact us for more inquiries.