Hervé Troccaz

France (Lyon, 69)


There are people whose passions take over and impose themselves as destinies, because they accompany a lifetime during the artist who sleeps ... until he wakes up.
This is what happened to Hervé, who discovered magic around 10 years and will practice in leisure for years.
His studies leading him to a career as a journalist, he decides to come out of his comfort and fully live his passion in a professional way, and it works!
Specialist in close-up (magic performed under the eyes of people), Hervé has more than one trick in his bag:
Cards tricks, disappearance and reappearance of ordinary everyday objects, modifications and transformations of these same objects, rope tricks, but also mentalism ...
Hervé plays with your perception, takes advantage of the established connivance and the empathy he releases to create a diversion, surprise and even confuse the spirits.
Member of the "Magic Circle" of London (considered as the most prestigious circle of magicians in the world) and totally bilingual, Hervé adapts his magic to all audiences, in all configurations, by carefully selecting his tricks according to his targets.
Ideal during a cocktail, Hervé interferes among the guests, ask a few minutes of their attention and subjugates them with his dexterity.

Corporate : Hermès, Christian Dior, Total, groupe Casino, FNAC, Samsung, Crédit Agricole, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald, Unigestion ...
Events : Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (Genève), Salon Global Piscine (Lyon) ...
Venues: Chez Philippe (Genève, CH), Radisson Blu, Café Vatel, L'Etage, La Maison (Lyon), Lausanne Palace (Lausanne, CH), Beau-Rivage Palace (Lausanne) ...